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Project "45-89. Comics behind Iron Curtain"
paskelbė Rorkas // 2009.02.02 // renginiai

Hello we looking for some author for text to our project about Central Europe comicsography and some person for help with prepare Lithuanian part of exhibition.

We invite to competition for poster and cover book www.imagebam.com/image/50a37625467515

CENTRALA Central Europe Comics Art is a project whose goal is to provide comics potential of this part of the world. By presenting the most interesting initiatives, magazines, publications that are dedicated to the works of comic, Polish readers will have the opportunity to know the developments in this area of our central European neighbors. The next, viewed They have a recurring form of exhibitions and meetings with artists and critics of comics from individual countries. Each of the exhibitions is prepared thematically in terms of a particular country but also in terms of a specific theme or type of hero undertaken theme. This problem presenting individual comicsography; Centrala is designed to show the richness of forms and motifs which has created in its more than century history of comic art.

We see comics as an important and valuable source of knowledge about the thoughts and attitudes of communities and individuals to events, phenomena and the world surrounding them. These views and attitudes that we believe can be more valuable, that often result from spontaneous very motivated (as in the case of underground publications ) and because of the valuable and closely related to the species of combining cartoons and fantasy with documentary precision.

The CENTRALA and FOUNADTION TRANSMISJA, together with partners in Central Europe to begin the implementation of the project in the comicsography this part of the world in the years 1945-1989. The project consists of two parts:
1) Exhibitions comic presents examples of comic created before the year 1989. Comic in which you can see the realities of social and political issues. At the exhibition will be shown excerpts of comic, at 3-6 pages and each of them will be accompanied by a description, explaining the context of the work or works. The exhibition will be prepared for the exposition of rigid plates on which will be directly printed comics in the original languages. Dimensions panel to 100x70 cm. Each of the panels will be accompanied by a translation into the language of the country where the exhibition will be held. Translation will take the form of booklets containing the graphic layout of each page comic included in the balloons of comic text.

The criteria for selection of comic presented at the exhibition: tackling social, political, economic, everyday life, propaganda, education-information on the comics: the title, authors, date of creation, date and place of publication (may not be published anywhere comics), abstract max.500 content of comic characters in the national language or English.

2) In the autumn of 2009 years will be a book entitled "45-89. Comics behind Iron Curtain" in English. The book will be devoted to each comicsographies texts written by historians and critics of comics in those countries.

Issues developed in the texts are:

- the presence or absence of a comic tradition before 1945
- any transformation pre comics heroes for a new political and social reality - Possible periods of growth or regression comics in the years 1945-89 with regard to the politic situation, economic, etc..
- the most important, the most interesting albums, and newspaper comics from the period 1945-1989 to address the social reality, propaganda, education
- comics as a way of transmitting the vision of history and political system politico-economic training for young people
-how comics show topics like everyday life, economy, religion, neighbours, women etc
- the overall prestige of comics in society during this period
- the development of comics from this period, mongrafie articles, online databases, the parties thematic

The volume of each article of 10-20 pages (1800 characters per page, Times New Roman), plus any illustrations in the quality of the print data about the author. The texts can be written in the national language or English. Texts, please submit by the end of February 2009.

The volume of each article of 10-20 pages (1900 characters per page, Times New Roman), plus any illustrations in the quality of the print data about the author. The texts can be written in the national language or English. Texts, please submit by the end of January 2009. Please send data to the contract that we can pay the fees for text

Continuation of the 45-89; will be prepared for such modern formed after 1989 comics countries in Central Europe,

if you have any questions or clarifications, please contact: [email protected]


// 2009.02.03
re: Project
Romka Sponka ir Banginis - geriausias visu laiku LT komixas :)
Bent jau tada, vaikui, labai patiko :)
// 2009.02.03
joo atsimenu tas neblogas buvo

nori dalyvauti diskusijose? pareikšti savo nuomonę? velkam :] tik pirmiausia prisiregistuok. jei jau esi prisiregistravęs - tiesiog prisijunk per formą viršuje.